The Los Angeles band shares with us what inspires them, the story behind their newly released album Au (Alternate Universe), where you can find them now and what they do when they aren’t on stage.

Now let’s meet Ashi and Spooki from Hott MT. @HottMT @Hott_MT

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Tell us who is currently in your band and what everyone does.

Currently, we are working as a duo (Spooki and Ashi). For live shows Spooki plays guitar and sings back-up vocals, Ashi plays bass and sings lead vocals.

The creation of your band. What’s the history. Where did Hott MT originate?

The two of us have been together for a long time and started a band in 2011. It was made out of our mutual interests and fascination with conspiracy theory, and fantasy. We recorded the first album I MADE THIS as a song for song geographical map of an island. The ocean, beach, jungle, mountain and village all represented in song form and as our first act drove to Wayne Coyne's house in Oklahoma to give it to him. We are part of the collective Non Plus Ultra which has helped us to connect with many other amazing friends and artists here in LA. In the last few years the live band lineup has undergone several changes and re-workings with friends becoming involved in other projects. We recently released our sophomore album AU (Alternate Universe) and will be touring the new material in the Fall.

Describe the band's creative music-making process.

Invoke trance, have fun, keep everything. Simple, fit and smart.

Lets get to know those instruments.

Spooki has a 5 dollar guitar called the sellout. No one else seems to be able to play it but him. Ashi has a shortscale tiny no-brand bass named Jackie Chan Jr.

The band recently released a new album, Au (Alternate Universe). A few of your favorite tracks from the album?

All the tracks have their moments and memories. Ashi's favorite is The Many Colored Death. Spooki enjoyed re-working Tranceforming. There's another version of it on his solo record Tetragrammaton.

What inspired the making of this album? Were there any specific elements that influenced its creation?

We were inspired by Micheal Ende's The Never Ending Story, that gave us the structure for the album. That and all the stuff going down in our lives at the time.

Au (Alternate Universe). Who created it? Any back-stories?

Ashi created it over several months while the album was being made. It's a diorama filled with significant trinkets from our life at the time. It's a power object.

There are many genres that your music can fit into, where do you prefer to fit?


Photo Provided/Hott MT

Band/Musician crushes - and go!

The Buggles

Favorite songs to perform?

Ashi's is YKWYR. Spooki's is Blue Dream.

When you aren't doing music, where are you both at?

Playin Majora's Mask. Workin on set. Sleepin and living it up in the dream world.

Cool facts about the band?

Once we rescued and raised a baby squirrel.

The Instagram bio says Writers 4 Ke$ha? Which collaborations have you been involved with?

We were the writers for the Lip$ha album that never saw the light of day because of Dr. Luke. There is a secret leak somewhere round

Favorite bands to play with?

Vinyl Williams, Winter, Wam Dingis, Goon, Spaceface, Gazoota, Chainsaw Rainbow

Favorite and least favorite venue experience?

We played the Savanah Stopover and got treated soooooo nicely. The Hi Hat and Echo have also always been good to us. Bars with small stages are always the worst. People are usually just there to drink and talk.

What can we expect to see at one of your shows?

Puppets, strobe lights, the realms of Fantasy converging with the physical plane.

Where can we see you now?

We are playing Desert Daze! And scheming up a whole new world.


We found this band after researching for new favorite albums to add to the Shut Up! & Listen music column in the previous issue (Summer) and immediately wanted everyone else to know their work. I want to give a special thanks to HottMT for being our first Question & Answer session in the newest addition of the magazine - band interviews! Be sure to follow the band on social media and visit their Bandcamp site for more information on their music, touring and events. We recommend listening to them after an alcoholic beverage with your favorite people or by yourself alone in your house where you have the freedom to move to the tunes. Or in the car with the windows down. Or shit, anywhere and everywhere. In the meantime, check out their new album Au (Alternate Universe) and obsess over the newly released 15 tracks of goodness. - Art Cult Zine